About Remedy Clinic

Dental Sleep Medicine located in Gulfport, MS

Remedy Clinic

Remedy Clinic is a standout dental practice located in Gulfport, Mississippi, specializing in orofacial pain, oral medicine, and dental sleep medicine. Andrea B. Elenbaas, DMD, MS, and her team of professionals diagnose, manage, and treat pain disorders of the jaw, mouth, face, head, and neck.

At Remedy Clinic, all individuals benefit from a patient-centered approach. Dr. Elenbaas and her team thoroughly assess their patients’ oral pain to create a treatment plan tailored to their needs. 

Patients can access various oral pain management services at Remedy Clinic that treat issues, including temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, headaches, neurological pain, and myofascial pain. 

The team works to heal the body and oral health issues with conventional and functional medicine practices. They also provide dental sleep medicine to address those with sleep-disordered breathing. In addition, they have highly specialized training in oral medicine to give dentistry care for medically complex patients.

Everyone who walks through the door at Remedy Clinic enjoys personal attention and a superior experience with customized treatment plans and full access to service options that meet their needs. Patients can trust that visits result in reduced pain and better sleep. 

To learn more about orofacial pain, oral medicine, and sleep dentistry at Remedy Clinic, call the office to schedule an appointment or use the online booking tool today.

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