Patients Reviews

Dr. Elenbass is one of the most dedicated, caring, and “all-in” medical professionals I have known. I met her after seeing 9-10 different professionals for my medical ailment, and she was truly interested in diagnosing my problem. She spent endless hours reading medical journals, scouring through articles, and reaching out to her medical colleges in hope of determining the cause of my ailment. Dr. Elenbass is a “thinker,” and she embraces problem-solving, and with her determination, there will be no stone unturned!! Not only do I appreciate her intelligence and her diligence, but I am also appreciative of her kind bedside-manner! Dr. Elenbass is the “whole package,” and you want her on your team!!! 

Mickie Knight
Dr. Ellenpaas was so thorough! Extremely engaging and easy to talk to. I have a follow up appointment.

DIANE R. | May 08, 2024
What a delightful, positive visit with knowledgeable, concerned, caring people. I walked out of there feeling like somebody really listened to me and actually heard my words. Things are much better now.

Patricia K. | May 07, 2024
My dentist diagnosed me with TMJ after a difficult tooth extraction. I was having horrible ringing in my left ear. My dentist referred me to Dr Elenbaas. I was able to get a quick appointment. The first visit was around 2 hours, very thorough. Dr Elenbaas is a very nice Doctor, easy to talk too. After the first visit she had a game plan for me. A dental device, physical therapy and some lifestyle changes. Within a few weeks my ringing had almost disappeared. I could now sleep and function without the ringing. Thank you Dr Elenbaas for everything. You and your staff are amazing.

Stephen C. | Apr 13, 2024